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About Stephanie

Stephanie Andrews is the owner of “Created by Stephanie” a business that evolved from her passion for the arts that was nurtured through her keen sense of beauty and creativity. In 1994 her journey to express and share her creativity was reflected in the opening of her own gift shop in San Bernardino, CA. The experience of interfacing with customers who had a love for the creativity and quality of the items exhibited in her shop lead her on a journey of exploration. Honing in on her real passion, she began to create her own unique line of jewelry. With her goal in sight and the natural creativity she possessed, she began taking classes to perfect her craft. She began with wire wrapping that lead to the development of amazing bracelets. From that experience she knew that she had found her calling. Now the question became what would set the jewelry apart from others! Viola; it must be unique; reflecting energy and inspired by breathe taking wonders of the natural world. The challenge of capturing that concept directed her attention toward the study and later utilization of semi precious stones and gems in her jewelry design. Her creativity became infinite; bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, key chains; each one unique in it’s own right.

With the support from her husband and three adult children; thus began the development of “Created by Stephanie”, a unique line of jewelry that we all can embrace. The beauty of wearable art speaks for itself and speaks to others. Shall we all enjoy the experience!